Pet Collar

DIY KIT, Tutorial -

Pet Collar

Hi there! 

Let's macrame-MAKE a pet collar!

You'll need to know two knots to tie up this project, follow along with the pre-measured cord from a Macrame Momma DIY Kit or materials from your personal stash.

The first knot you need to learn is the Larks Head Knot (Familiarize yourself with the cord movements and tie along the video below these instructions)

1) Fold a loose cord in half and place center point behind/under the mounting cord or ring

2) Take the two loose ends and fold them down and over the mount, then through the loop

3) Pull and tighten


The second knot we'll be using is the Square Knot. Here are the instructions for that knot:

1) Place the right working cord OVER the short center cords and UNDER the left working cord. (Place your working cords so that they mimic the red cord positions illustrated above)

2) Bring the left working cord UNDER and around the back of the center cords, pull the left working cord out the front, through the loop made with the right cord. 

3) Tighten near desired length.

4) Then, bring the LEFT cord OVER any center cords and UNDER the right working cord.

5) Bring the right cord UNDER the back of center cords and through the loop on the left. 

6) Tighten by pulling your right and left cords 90° to their respective side and pull snug to finish one square knot. 


NOTE: The video tutorial will help a lot! Use these images as a way to familiarize yourself with the cord placement. Pause, rewind, untangle and try a couple times! Once you grasp the motions, it's a very quick and useful lil project.