Macrame Snowflake

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Macrame Snowflake

Hi there! I’m so excited that you’re here to macraMAKE with me; but before you get KNOTty, you’ll need to have two tricks up your sleeve (or in this case, two knots).

The two knots that we’ll be tying today are the Larks Head and the Square Knot. Take time to familiarize yourself with these knots; use these illustrated instructions as a tool while macrame-making along with the full video tutorial at bottom of this page. While working, feel free to untie, redo, rewind, eat snacky snacks, do you and most importantly have fun!

Here is how you mount a Lark's Head Knot...

Larks Head

Here is how you tie a Square Knot...

Just familiarize yourself with the cord movements and tie along to the video at the bottom of the page!

Now cozy up and tie along to this video! Feel free to pause, rewind, untangle and have yourself some happy knotting!